This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Localizing message components of a form view

Use the AR System Message Catalog form to override system default messages with equivalent localized or customized entries. This method enables you to localize the following messages, help, and reports:

  • System Message
  • Active Link Message
  • Filter Message
  • Active Link Help Text
  • Form Help Text
  • Field Help Text
  • Container Description (includes applications and guides)
  • Container Label (includes applications and guides)
  • Container Help (includes applications and guides)
  • List Menu Definition (character menu)
  • External Report
  • Application Help
  • Application About
  • Application Help Index
  • Flashboards — system message
  • Flashboards — label

When a user is logged in to multiple servers, BMC Remedy AR System first retrieves localized messages from the preference server. If no preference server is available, it uses the first localized server found in the user's server list.

If a localized version for any message type is not found in the AR System Message Catalog form, BMC Remedy AR System loads the system default message.


By default, when the BMC Remedy AR System server reads a system message (type 0) from the AR System Message Catalog form, it caches the message text in memory to avoid reading the message from the database each time the message is needed.  To modify this default behavior, see the "Localized-Messages-To-Cache" in Configuration settings E-M.

You can localize messages, help, and report automatically or manually. See:

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