This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Including space for panel elements to avoid scroll bars

Another way to avoid scroll bars in panels and panel holders is to include sufficient space for the following elements when you design your forms.

Space requirements for panel and panel holder elements

Field type Element Size
Panel Border thickness 0-9 pixels (adjustable). See To change a panel border's thickness.
Header height 20 pixels (fixed).
Panel holder Border thickness 1 pixel (fixed). See the Borderless property description in Field properties.
Margins 0-9 pixels (adjustable). See the Margin Bottom, Margin Left, Margin Right, and Margin Top property descriptions in Field properties.

For example, suppose you create a borderless panel holder that has 9-pixel margins on all sides and whose panels cover all its remaining space. If you then make the 1-pixel borders visible, you must change the thickness of all the margins to 8 pixels to prevent scroll bars from appearing in the panel holder.

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