This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Including and excluding fields from form views

Use the Add/Remove Fields in View dialog box to specify which fields appear in a form view the Views field property to specify the form views in which a field appears. Include only fields relevant to the users of the form view. Exclude fields used for internal workflow. Fields that are not on a form view are still available for workflow.


Any field not in the current view does not affect the change flag, even if the Disable Change Flag field property is not selected. Associate a SET-CHANGE-FLAG Run Process action with a field not in the view to set the change flag as needed. For more information, see Disable Change Flag in Field Properties and Using Run Process and $PROCESS$ commands.

To add and remove fields in a form view

  1. Open a form in BMC Remedy Developer Studio.
  2. Click the form view tab of the appropriate view at the bottom of the form editor.
  3. Select Form > Add/Remove Fields On View.
  4. In the Add/Remove Fields in View dialog box , select fields in one list and click the arrow buttons to move them to the other list, or click the double-arrow buttons to move all the field to one of the lists.
  5. Click OK to close the dialog box.
  6. Select File > Save to save your changes.

To add or remove a field from form views:

  1. Open the appropriate form, and select the field.
  2. In the Properties tab, select the Views value, and then click its ellipsis button.
    In the Views dialog box, all views defined for the form appear in the Not In Views list and the In Views lists.
  3. Use the Add and Remove buttons to move the views to the appropriate list.
  4. Click OK.


    You cannot use the Views dialog box to remove a field from the current form view. To do that, see Including and excluding fields from form views.

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