This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Hardware issues

The key resources that determine computer platform performance are the CPU itself, physical and virtual memory, and disk subsystem configurations. Application programs are typically either CPU-intensive or I/O-intensive (input/output). BMC Remedy AR System is I/O-intensive, so memory and disk configurations are critical. Adequate RAM and a high-performance disk subsystem help minimize the amount of disk I/O, resulting in better system performance.

The performance of a disk subsystem is critical for the performance of a database.

  • For the database READ operation, if the data is not found in the cache, the database needs to fetch it from the underlying disks.
  • For the database WRITE operation, the data needs to be persisted on to the disks.

A slow performing disk subsystem can impact the performance of the READ and WRITE operations. Since Remedy is a READ and WRITE intensive application, a slow performing disk subsystem might have a direct impact on the Remedy performance.

For the minimum requirements for the AR System server, see Compatibility matrix  in the BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment online documentation. An implementation with minimum resources can expect to have minimum performance.

BMC Remedy AR System performance can be affected by the CPU performance of both the clients and the servers in the system. Individual servers, in particular, can affect overall system response time. If a server runs slowly, even the fastest client can experience performance problems.

Before investing in hardware upgrades, make sure that your BMC Remedy AR System workflow and database management system (DBMS) configurations are tuned. Bottlenecks in these areas can overload the best computer platforms. Work on a regular basis with your database administrator to make sure that your database is operating at maximum efficiency. For information about the AR System database structure, see Understanding the AR System database  and The AR System data dictionary.

After tuning your BMC Remedy AR System workflow and the DBMS, evaluate the performance of your computer platform and network to verify whether hardware needs to be upgraded.

Work with your system administrator to determine hardware performance solutions, such as using a multi-CPU system, which makes more resources available if there is contention for the CPU between threads of the server process or between the server process and other processes.

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