This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Editing the PrefetchConfig.xml file

You can also edit the prefetchConfig.xml file directly using any text editor. This file is available in the web-inf/classes subdirectory.

Any changes you make to the file also appear in the Prefetch text box the next time you open the Configuration Tool.

Remember the following conditions when working with the prefetchConfig.xml file directly or in the Mid Tier Configuration Tool:

  • The prefetchConfig.xml file must be specified as UTF-8. When editing the file, do not alter the UTF-8 information.
  • Do not change the name of the prefetchConfig.xml file.
  • If you flush the cache in the Mid Tier Configuration Tool, any prefetched forms you previously specified are flushed from the memory cache. The prefetch process is performed again for these forms the next time the web server is restarted.
  • If you specified an invalid form name (for example, if a form name is misspelled or a form does not exist on the specified server), that form will not be prefetched. The mid tier log notes the names of forms that were not prefetched.
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