This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Creating window-scoped global fields

Use a window-scoped global field to share data across multiple records in the same window. The initial field value is set by a user or by active links and stays in the field until the window is closed. This value must be reinitialized when the window reopens.

For example, you could use window-scoped global fields to display information about weather conditions in a view field. The information remains the same while the user performs searches on other fields in the same window. If you displayed the same information in a regular global field, it would have to be refreshed every time a new record is displayed. With a window-scoped global field, you set the value once for that window and update the value when you choose to do so by using active links. For example, you could update the information about weather conditions on an interval.

To create a window-scoped global field

  1. Add one of the valid global field types to a form.
    For a list of valid field types, see Creating global fields.
  2. Select the field.
  3. In the Properties tab, set the field's database ID to a value from 3000000 through 3999999.
    For more information, see ID.
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