This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Creating regular global fields

Use regular global fields to share data across multiple forms. In a browser, the value in the global field persists across forms for the user session, but the value is not shared across sessions.

Use regular global fields for information that is expected to be shared across multiple forms and windows in an application. For example, on several forms, you might include a global field for a user's license information.

To create a regular global field

  1. Add one of the valid global field types to a form.
    For a list of valid field types, see Creating global fields.
  2. Select the field.
  3. In the Properties tab, set the field's database ID to a value from 1000000 through 1999999.
    See ID.
  4. Copy the global field to multiple forms.
    Make sure that each copy of the global field uses the same field ID number.
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