This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Character fields

Character fields are useful when there is significant variation in the field contents or length of the content; for example, descriptive text, names of people, addresses, and keywords.

You can attach a menu or a file system browser to character fields or fill them with default text.

For information about the expand box that appears next to character fields, see the Expand Box property description under Field Properties.

Depending on the Input Length of a character field and the database, a character field is created either as a varchar or a clob database table column. If the Input Length exceeds the maximum for varchar a given the following table, a clob is used.

Maximum varchar size


Maximum Input Length for varchar

Microsoft SQL Server





  • To include a tab in the text that you enter into a character field, press Ctrl+Tab.
  • In the database, if you define date as a character field, the AR System Server displays the date as it is on a form.
    For example, in the database, if you define date as 12-Jan-2020, it is displayed as it is.

  • You can save character string with multiple lines in a Character field without the Expand box.

Oracle CLOB storage

If a BMC Remedy AR System server uses an Oracle database, you can specify the default storage of CLOB (character large object) data by using the Store CLOB In-Row option on the Database tab of the AR System Administration: Server Information form. (See Setting database options.)

For BMC Remedy AR System 7.5.00 and later, you can control how CLOB data is stored in individual character fields by using the CLOB Storage field property. See the CLOB Storage property description under Field Properties.

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