This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Background Mode setting in panel holders

Although a panel holder provides no color controls, the Background Mode setting in a panel holder affects the appearance of panels. These options are available:

  • Opaque — Fields on the form behind the panel in the stacking order are not visible.
  • Transparent — In a browser, fields on the form behind the panel holder in the stacking order are visible unless covered by a panel with a Background Color or Background Image set. This setting produces a "pane of glass" effect; the fields behind the panel are visible, but they cannot be accessed.

Panel holder Background Mode set to Transparent
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A panel holder's Background Mode also applies to any white space areas, which are portions of the panel holder unoccupied by a panel. This white space can include:

  • The area created outside the panel borders when margins are set
  • The area of the panel holder that has no panels
  • The area below the last panel in a collapsible panel holder
  • The area that appears when all the panels in a panel holder are collapsed

White space created by panel margins
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