This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Applying border colors and thickness to a panel

This section provides the steps for applying border colors and thickness to a panel.

To apply a color to a panel border

  1. Select the panel to which you want to apply a border color.
  2. Select the Border Color property.
  3. Click the Down arrow.
  4. Select Custom.
  5. Select a color from the color picker, and click OK.

To change a panel border's thickness


Border thickness cannot be set for panels in tabbed panel holders.

  1. Select a panel.
  2. Select the Border Thickness property.
  3. Enter a value from 0 (no border) to 9 (maximum thickness).
    To create a border with the same number of pixels on all sides, enter a single number of pixels, which will be applied to all borders.
    To create a border with varying thicknesses, enter the number of pixels for each side in the following order: Top, Right, Bottom, Left. Separate each entry with a comma. Enter 0 to have no border.
    For example, to create a panel with borders that are 2 pixels thick on the right and left and 5 pixels thick on the top and bottom, enter 5,2,5,2. To create a panel with no borders on the top and bottom and borders that are 3 pixels thick on the right and left, enter 0,3,0,3.


    You can control individual borders on panels with square corners. For panels with rounded corners, you can set only one border thickness. If you enter a list in the Border Thickness property (for example, 2,5,2,5), the first number is used.

For information about setting color options for panels, see Setting color options for panels and panel headers. For information about using drop shadows in panels, see Drop shadows in panels and panel holders.

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