This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Allowing users to add an image to a character field

Users can add an image to a field with rich-text formatting (RTF) by referencing a URL to an image or through an attachment pool.


If entries in an .arx file include an RTF field with an image from a URL, the image does not appear in the record after the .arx file is imported to a server. To view the image, you must re-enter the URL.

To allow users to add an image to a character field

  1. Create an attachment pool on the form.
  2. Add one or more attachment fields to the pool, depending on how many images you want to allow the users to add to the character field.
    For more information, see Creating attachment pools.
  3. To ensure that the RTF field can store the text, images, and the hidden HTML tags used for formatting purposes, increase the Input Length property, or set the property to 0 (unlimited length).
    The default Input Length property for character fields is set to 255. Inserting an image or a table can insert many more referencing text characters in the field.
  4. To hide the attachment pool, set the Visible property to False.


    You can hide the attachment pool, but the attachment fields should be kept visible.

    Set the Visible property of all the attachment fields to True. If you set the attachment fields to False, the attachments will not be visible in the RTF field.

  5. Create a character field with rich-text formatting capabilities.
    1. For the Display Type property, select Rich Text or Rich Text In Place.
    2. For the Image Attachment property of the character field, select the attachment pool field that you want to link to the character field.


      If you delete an attachment pool that is linked to an RTF field, remove the reference in the Image Attachment property of the corresponding character field.

      For information about setting up the RTF field to hold large images, see Enabling dynamic resizing of RTF fields.

  6. Save the form.


    If a user adds an attachment image to a field with RTF but clicks the main cancel button to close the editor, the image is removed from the field, but the image remains in the attachment pool until the Browse button in the Image Options dialog box is clicked again. The image also remains in the attachment pool if the user deletes the image from the editor before saving the entry.

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