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Adding rich-text-formatting capabilities to a character field

You can add rich-text formatting (RTF) to character fields in browsers so that users can make changes to the format of text in a character field. For example, a user might want to italicize or center text.


You can modify rich text formatting (RTF) properties for the character fields at run-time by using a workflow. For more information, see Change Field action.

The following figure shows the RTF dialog box that appears when a user clicks the RTF icon ( ) next to the field.

Editing a character field with rich text formatting
(Click the image to expand it.)


Right-to-left (RTL) formatting is not supported in RTF fields.

The rich-text-formatting (RTF) options provide a way for users to apply some basic styling of text and inclusion of images with their text. The options do not provide the level of functionality of a desktop-based word processor such as Microsoft Word.

For information about using the RTF functions, see .Functions in RTF editor.

For information about using the STRIPHTML function in workflow to remove RTF formatting, see Functions.

To add rich-text-formatting capabilities to a character field

  1. Create a character field.
  2. In the Properties tab, select one of the following options from the Display Type list:
    • Rich Text — Allows users to click the RTF icon ( ) and make RTF changes in a separate dialog box
    • Rich Text In Place — Allows users to make RTF changes within the field, which includes a toolbar with a smaller subset of the commands found on the dialog box.


      If you attach a menu to a character field with the Display Type property defined as Rich Text In Place, the RTF toolbar will not appear inside the field if the user selects the menu.

  3. If you select the Rich Text In Place option:
    1. Set the Rows property to 10 or more.
    2. Set the Width property to 500 or more.
      The changes to the Rows and Width properties enable the rich-text-formatting functions to appear when the user clicks in the field.
  4. To enable users to add an image to a character field, complete the To allow users to add an image to a character field procedure.
  5. Save the field.
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