This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Adding extra custom headers to outgoing SMTP emails

Email Engine allows you to specify a custom header for outgoing SMTP messages using the AdditionalMailHeaders property. See Controlling BMC Remedy AR System through email. You can also provide additional custom headers to an outgoing message.

To add an extra custom header

  1. Create an entry in the file as follows:
    AdditionalMailHeaders=X-Loop-Detect,  <customHeader>
  2. Restart the Email Engine service.
  3. Create an outgoing message using the AR System Email Messages form.
    1. Specify the values for mandatory fields and add all the other information you want to send.
    2. In the Subject field, add the following lines:
      X-Loop-Detect: <headerValue>
      <customHeader>:  <headerValue>
    3. Send the email message.

      To add multiple custom headers to emails, specify the comma-separated headers in, and specify their values when creating outgoing messages.


      Information about custom headers is present in the file, which cannot be updated dynamically. Hence, you can not provide additional headers for a message dynamically.

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