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Adding data fields to join forms

From a database perspective, a join form is a temporary composite table. Therefore, you cannot add data fields directly to a join form. Instead, you can add only data fields that already exist in the underlying primary or secondary form. The following procedure explains how to do that.


You can add trim fields (lines, text, and boxes), buttons, panel fields, table fields, and display-only data fields directly to a join form in the same way that you add them to other types of forms.

To add a data field to a join form

  1. Open the appropriate join form.
  2. Right-click the form, and select Add Fields from formName, where formName is the primary or secondary form that contains the appropriate field.
    The Add Fields dialog box appears. It contains a list of fields in the underlying form that are not on the join form.
  3. In the Select Field from formName list, select the appropriate fields, and click OK.
    The selected fields appear in the upper-left corner of the join form.
  4. Drag the fields to the appropriate position in the join form.
  5. To modify the display properties of the new data fields:
    1. Select the field.
    2. In the Properties tab, if the properties are not grouped by category, click the Show Categories button.
    3. Modify the field properties in these categories as needed:
  6. Right-click the form, and select Save.
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