This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Adding AR System server into server account

Using the Accounts dialog box, you can add, modify, or delete server and limit access to users from the available servers.

After you log on to BMC Remedy Migrator and open the Accounts dialog box, either a check mark or an X appears next to each server name.

  • A green check mark indicates you can connect to the server.
  • A red X indicates you cannot connect to the server, even if the server has been licensed.

The following steps show how to manage your server accounts as an administrator.

To add AR System server into server account

  1. Select Tools > Accounts to open the Account dialog box, which shows the servers that have been added.
    If the Accounts menu selection is unavailable, you must provide login information before proceeding.

    Accounts dialog box
    (Click the image to expand it.)
  2. In the Account dialog box, perform any of the tasks outlined in the following table:

    Adding and modifying server information
    To Do this
    Add a new server Click Add, and enter a server name. If the server you are adding is a preference server, enter the appropriate port numbers in the slide-out dialog box that appears at the right.
    Modify an existing server Select the server, click Modify, and make the appropriate changes.
    Delete a server Select the server, and click Delete.
    Add or modify the Users list

    Click User Manager. Click Add to add a new user, or select a name in the Users list and click Modify to modify the user account.


    For each user to have their own server list, you must include a specific home directory for that user in the directory path.

    View port columns for firewall support

    Select Advanced Server Properties. Select a server and click a column and type a port number or private server number:

    • AR TCP Port represents the port number of the AR System server.
    • AR RPC # represents the program number of the specified AR System server. This number allows you to connect to a private server behind the firewall.


    You can set different TCP ports for each server, but if the ARTCPPORT environment variable is defined, BMC Remedy Migrator uses the port defined by the variable for all servers while ignoring the settings in the Accounts dialog box.

  3. Click OK.
    The new login information is not applied to your current session. You must log on again before your changes take effect, or proceed to one of the following actions:
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