This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Active links

An active link is an action or a series of actions that are triggered when a user performs an operation and are conditionally interpreted. The interpretation occurs on the BMC Remedy AR System client in the current form window, and run with the permission of the user. For example, you might define an active link that displays a list of all problems reported for the current workstation whenever a user presses Enter in the Workstation field.

When an active link is executed, it can trigger varying actions as the result of a single user action. When you design an active link, you specify the conditions under which the active link executes, and further conditions to determine which action it will take. For example, if the user is a member of the Human Resources department, an active link could attach one menu to the Short Description field, or else attach a different menu if the user is a member of the Shipping department.

Active links can be grouped into execution groupings called active link guides that allow procedural processing.


Active links cannot be triggered through the use of an API program.

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