This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using object reservation

When developing an application with others, you need to prevent them from overwriting your object changes. To do this, use object reservation. For example, before starting a development task, reserve the objects you plan to change. After completing and testing the changes, release the objects so others can work on them.

To enable object reservation

  1. On the Version Control tab of the AR System Administration: Server Information form, set Object Reservation to Enforced.
    See Setting version control options.
  2. Click OK.

To reserve objects in a list

  1. Open an object list that includes the objects to reserve.
  2. Select the objects.
  3. Right-click and select Reserve from the pop-up menu.
    The objects are reserved. Your user name appears in the Reserved By column of the object list.

To reserve an object as you work

  1. Open an object that you have not reserved.
    It opens in Read mode, as shown in the status bar.
  2. Change the object.
  3. If no one has reserved the object, click OK in the confirmation message.
    The object is reserved in Write mode.


    If you click Cancel or if the object is reserved by someone else, the object remains in Read mode. Any changes you make to it are not saved. To save changes, select File > Save As, and save a copy of the object.

  4. When you finish working on the object, release it.

To reserve a form and all related objects

  1. Create a View-by-Form list containing the form and all related objects.
    See Creating working lists.
  2. Open the list, and switch the list to single-list layout.
  3. Select the first object in the list, and press Shift+End to select all objects in the list.
  4. Right-click the objects, and select Reserve from the pop-up menu.

To find reserved objects in a list

  • Click the Reserved By column header to sort the list.
    All reserved objects appear at the top of the list.
  • Use the filtering options to display objects where Reserved By does not equal "".
    Only reserved objects appear in the filtered list.


    By default, object lists in object selector dialog boxes also contain a Reserved By column.

To list all reserved objects

  • In AR System Navigator, expand serverName > Working Lists, and open Reserved Objects.
    This special list includes all objects reserved by any user. If you logged in as a subadministrator, only the objects reserved by you are listed.

To release objects

  1. Open an object list that includes the objects to release.


    Administrators and subadministrators can release only objects that they have reserved.

  2. Select the objects.
  3. Right-click the objects, and select Release.
    The object reservations are removed. The Reserved By column in the object list is cleared. Other users can change or reserve the objects.
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