This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Troubleshooting FTS configuration issues

When you configure the AR System Server for Full-text search (FTS) or Global search, you might encounter certain issues while configuring a single indexer, multiple indexers, and searchers. Use this information to understand and resolve the issues.


  • FTS is not configured or set to the default installation values.
  • FTS is not configured correctly and is not working as expected.


In a server group environment, this might impact one or more servers.


Perform the following steps to troubleshoot the FTS configuration issues:





Check if the FTS is configured correctly by reviewing the information in the FTS Best Practice documentation

  • For the complete FTS Deployment and Configuration, see the knowledge article KA000159890.
  • For the ITSM Best Practices document, see the knowledge article KA000114508.
  • For the FTS Best Practices documentation, see the knowledge article KA000153129.
  • For specific information about setting up load-balanced FTS searchers, see the knowledge article KA000157036.
    The following video (5:29) explains how to use all FTS indexers for searching:


Review the FTS training material for High Availability Configuration setup

Connect With Remedy Webinar- Configuring FTS in a Server Group Environment

Determine the architecture design of the AR System Server

Identify which servers are indexers and which are searchers.


Ensure that the AR System Server and FTS are licensed

The AR System Server and FTS must be licensed. For more information, see Adding FTS licenses.


Use the FTS Management form to configure FTS

Select Application > Remedy Management Console > AR System Server Group Console > FTS Management.


Configure FTS indexers

Configure multiple indexers for High Availability and Disaster Recovery. For more information, see High-availability architecture for FTS.


Configure FTS searcher servers

For more information, see FTS Configuration form in the AR System Administration Console.


Configure FTS and MFS options

Configure FTS thresholds and other options.
For more information, see FTS tab configuration options.
Configure weighting and MFS categories as required.

After you determine a specific symptom or error message, use the following table to resolve the FTS configuration issues:

You receive an error message that FTS is either not licensed or the FTS service is not ready yet.Browser
  • Check the Add or Remove License form and confirm that an FTS license is applied.
  • Check the FTS Configuration form to confirm that FTS has been enabled.

ERROR (678): Full text indexing is disabled.

The arfts-searcher-plugin.log file in the browser

  • Turn on full text indexing and retry the operation.
  • Check the FTS tab from Server Information form and confirm that the FTS search is not disabled.

FTS tab configuration options

Searches are database rather than FTS searches

The SQL logs in the browser

Check the configuration to ensure that FTS is enabled and configured.

If the issues still persist, contact BMC Support

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