This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Rectifying database inconsistencies by using the database consistency checker warnings

When you upgrade Remedy AR System, the database consistency checker identifies the inconsistencies between the database and the AR System Server and helps you fix them. 

BMC provides detailed warnings that help you easily fix the inconsistency. You may face some problems after the upgrade if you ignore the database inconsistency warnings.

List of ??warnings displayed by the database consistency checker

Amongst the existing Database consistency checker warnings, currently, BMC has modified the following warning:

Invalid size for Column [name=name; type=VARCHAR]
in table actlink;
should be size 254 and scale 0 but is of size 100 and scale 0
Rectify the column size of xx column from 100 to 254 in the actlink table.
Found non-matching input length - Input length for field: C536870915 on table: T586 is 255, while in field definition it is 100.Rectify the length of C536870915 field in T586 table from 255 to 100.

Found non-matching data type - field: C536870917 on table: T586 has size 3000 while in in field definition it is set to unlimited(0).

Rectify the field size of C536870917 field in T586 table from 3000 to unlimited (0).
Index T3162_900987211_1 on table T3162 is defined in database,
however, it is not defined on definition of form STG_ImpactAnalysisCircuits

Index T3162_900987211_1 on the STG_ImpactAnalysisCircuits form is created directly on the database.

BMC recommends creating index using Remedy Developer Studio.

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