This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Other objects and No Vision support



Active links: Set Fields (if multiple requests match pick list)

To work with the pick list, you must be in Forms mode. (When a pick list is displayed, an accessible user sees a check box with focus set to it. To turn on Forms mode, press Enter to select the check box. JAWS says "Forms mode on.")

The Tab key sets focus to the pick list items. To select an item, press the Up or Down arrow key.

To apply the selected item and close the dialog box, press Enter. To cancel the selection and close the dialog box, press Esc.

Advanced search bar

All advanced search bar buttons are read correctly.
The field menu is displayed as a tree in a dialog box.

Error messages

Tab to the text in the error window. JAWS reads the text.

Navigation bars

Vertical navigation
To go through the nodes and items, press TAB. To select and execute an OnRowChoice active link, press Enter.

If an item is selected, JAWS says "selected."

If an item is disabled, it is skipped.

As you open and close nodes, JAWS confirms the open or closed state.

When you press Enter and the item is selected, JAWS says "selected."

For each node, JAWS says "level x label open/closed itemNumber of totalChildrenOfItsParent link graphic." For an item, JAWS says "level x label itemNumber of totalChildrenOfItsParent link."

Horizontal navigation
To navigate the items, press TAB. Jaws will say "tab xx link".(Note that because you pressed tab key JAWS says tab(for tab key), and then "tab xx link".) If an item is selected, JAWS says "selected." To select an item and execute an active link, press Enter.

If an item is disabled, JAWS says "disabled."


Tooltips are displayed in a dialog box. When tabbing in the tooltip dialog box, you see two tab stops at the enclosing area of the tooltip content. This is the enclosing iframe and the body of the HTML. This occurs only for an accessible tooltip, not for a normal tooltip.

The dialog box includes an OK button to dismiss it.

Keyboard accessibility is similar to keyboard accessibility in a view field; the tooltip does not define tab order in the tooltip content.

To use a keyboard to trigger a hover event, the user must be in an editable portion of fields such as currency, character, and so on. To trigger a tooltip, you must be in Forms mode (data entry mode) for all fields.

The following shortcuts initiate tooltips:

  • Alt+F9=label
  • Alt+F10=data
  • Alt+F12=field
    Note: You cannot perform hover events on columns in a table or attachments in an attachment pool, but you can perform them on a table field or an attachment pool.

Web toolbar

To show or hide the toolbar, tab to the icon for expanding or collapsing the toolbar. JAWS says "Toolbar visible/hidden, click to disable/show the toolbar."

Note: JAWS inconsistently confirms the state of the toolbar.

Window-Eyes sees the items in a hidden toolbar. You can tab through the items in the toolbar even when the toolbar is hidden. BMC Remedy AR System provides a skip link that you can use to skip over the hidden toolbar.

When using JAWS in Non-Forms (Virtual PC Cursor) mode when the toolbar is visible, tab to the skip link and skip over the visible toolbar items.

Saved searches and My Reports menus on the Web tool bar are opened in a pop-up window. See "Character fields: with menus displayed as drop-down lists" in Fields and No Vision support.

In Forms mode and Non-Forms (Virtual PC Cursor) mode, disabled items are skipped.

BIRT reporting window

A Web report is generated by a third-party application that is not compliant with Section 508. BMC Remedy AR System cannot control accessibility to BIRT reports.

AR System query widget

Use the Tab key to tab through the various elements of the query widget. Set focus to add or remove icons, and press Enter to add or remove rows.

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