This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Navigating tables

You should be familiar with JAWS table commands before working with tables on the Web.

JAWS does not consistently know when the DOM has changed. After a table refresh in JAWS, Press Insert+Esc to update the JAWS DOM model.

In Non-Forms (Virtual PC Cursor) mode, use the following information to navigate through a table field:

  • When you are inside the table field data (table rows), use JAWS HTML table commands to go through the table data. JAWS reads additional information to help users identify the cell data location. JAWS considers the table header row 1, so the first data row is identified as row 2.
  • To go to the first visible component of a table field, press TAB. If a table field header exists, the first visible component is usually the Preferences button. If no header exists, it is the first row in the table. When you are inside a table, press the Up or Down arrow key to go from cell to cell.

The following list shows the order in which JAWS works with components in a table field. Components in bold are common to tables with and without headers and footers. This list is based on the table layout in Non-Forms (Virtual PC Cursor) mode.

  • Table field refresh string.
  • JAWS says "blank."
  • Preferences and Refresh buttons.
  • Column headers ---- The preferred method is to sort on the table data's column header. You can use these column headers to sort by column. When you are positioned at a column, you can optionally press ENTER to sort the table data. Sorting status is not available on these column headers.
  • Blank ---- JAWS says "blank."
  • Summary of the table ---- You will hear that the table is not loaded or the number of entries returned.
  • JAWS says information about the table; for example, "Table with three columns and seven rows."
  • Select column header, tab to each link in the cell. To trigger the link, press the space bar or ENTER.
  • Select All (available for multiselection tables).
  • Deselect All (available for multi- and single-selection tables).
  • Column headers ---- If the column is sorted, JAWS says "Column label, sorted ascending (or descending)." To sort on this column, press the space bar or Enter.
  • Each table row ---- To traverse the table, use JAWS HTML table commands. To access each link in the select cell for each row, press TAB.
  • Last table row with no footer
  • When you press the Down arrow key, JAWS says "table end."
  • When you press Tab, the system tabs to the next field in the tab order.
  • Last table row with footer.
  • When you press the Down arrow key, JAWS says "table end."
  • When you press Tab, the system tabs to the table footer buttons.
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