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How BMC Remedy Approval Server automates approval-driven business processes

BMC Remedy Approval Server is a self-contained, shared module that can be attached to any BMC Remedy Action Request System (BMC Remedy AR System) application. It is a flexible solution for automating any approval or signature-driven process across any organization. BMC Remedy Approval Server includes built-in contingency handling, which makes sure that approvals are completed quickly and correctly within the system.

When a BMC Remedy AR System application triggers an approval process, an approval server routes a request to collect signatures within a defined approval process, handling all notifications and requests for more information as it collects each response (approval or rejection). The approval server then reactivates the original application and reports the result of the approval process.

Approvals in business processes

An approval indicates an agreement to or rejection of a request or decision. In business, an approval represents the signature or acknowledgment of an individual where required in a process. Approvals must often be recorded to provide an audit trail and proof of authenticity associated with a signature. The approval server provides this functionality in BMC Remedy applications and also allows you to add any type of approval or signature-driven process to your own AR System applications. You can use the approval server for processes with the following requirements:

  • Workflow that includes need for agreement or acknowledgment from others
  • Processes that must be auditable
  • Signatures that must be authenticated

Notification with feedback

Although you can use built-in BMC Remedy AR System functionality to exchange simple notifications, using BMC Remedy Approval Server to do so enables you to build a feedback loop. You can use this functionality to support business processes for which you must make sure that the workflow has been seen and approved, acknowledged, or signed by all the relevant parties.

Flexibility and common experience

You can use BMC Remedy Approval Server to define or modify how each approval process should work. You can set up new processes and adapt existing processes as changes occur in your organization. Customizing BMC Remedy Approval Server does not require programming expertise. For every stage of the approval process, you can define notifications to inform interested parties of the status of an approval request.

BMC Remedy Approval Server allows approvers to gather more information about a request from any BMC Remedy AR System user. You do not need to build custom workflow or separate solutions for each application. All processes can share the same approval engine, providing a common approval experience across applications.

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