This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

DefinitionImport and DefinitionExport options

The options in the following table are optional unless the description states they are required. Options that can be repeated are marked in the Repeat column.






Writes the version to standard output and exits without executing other options.



Uses the account to connect to the server. Required.



Uses the password to connect to the server. Required if the account has a password.



Connects to the server to import or export. Required.



Uses external authentication string or Windows domain to connect to the server.



Uses the TCP port number to connect to the server. Required if the server does not use the default port and there is no port mapper.



Import from or export to the file. Required.



Write log and error output to the file. If not specified, the output is written to the standard error output.


Import in place. Overwrite each existing object without deleting the object first. DefinitionImport only.


lockType lockKey

Export the objects locked. Valid lockType values are

  • 1 --Read only.
  • 2 --Hidden.

    The lockKey is a string used to enforce locking. DefinitionExport only.



Import or export the active link.



Import or export all active links. Any -a options are ignored.



Import or export the DSO pool.



Import or export all DSO pools. Any -b options are ignored.



Import or export the DSO mapping.



Import or export all DSO mappings. Any -d options are ignored.



Import or export the form.



Import or export all forms. Any -f options are ignored.



Import or export the active link guide.



Import or export all active link guides. Any -g options are ignored.



Import or export the filter guide.



Import or export all filter guides. Any -h options are ignored.



Import or export the packing list.



Import or export all packing lists. Any -k options are ignored.



Import or export the objects specified by the XML command file.

To create an XML import/export command file from a working list or a packing list, use the Save as Import/Export Commands pop-up menu command for packing lists or working lists in Developer Studio. See the Introduction to Application Development with BMC Remedy Developer Studio .

You can also use an XML file created from a packing list in an earlier release using the Generate XML command in BMC Remedy Administrator. (This product is no longer available.)

Any other object type options are ignored.



Import or export the menu.



Import or export all menus. Any -m options are ignored.



Import or export the application.



Import or export all applications. Any -n options are ignored.



Import or export the escalation.



Import or export all escalations. Any -Q options are ignored.



Import or export the filter.



Import or export all filters. Any -t options are ignored.



Import or export the web service.



Import or export all web services. Any -z options are ignored.

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