This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Defining database functions for Remedy Smart Reporting in Remedy AR System Server

As an AR System administrator, you can use the AR System JDBC:Generic Db Functions form to define a database function on the AR System server, which can then be used by a Remedy Smart Reporting administrator or a report writer for reporting purposes. In the form, you define the database functions by passing arguments to the function and by defining the return type of the function. You can pass up to 10 arguments to a function.

The custom database functionality does not support Postgres SQL database.

Before you begin

You must run the database scripts required for using the AR System JDBC:Generic Db Functions form using the Java driver. These scripts are in the respective database folders located at ARSystem\artools\arjdbc. Before defining database functions through the AR System JDBC:Generic Db Functions form, ensure that the database scripts have successfully ran by checking the following parameters in Centralized Configuration:




If the Centralized Configuration parameter ARJdbc-Script-Execution-Status has the value Error and Use-Enum-Field-Recompute has the value F, then view the arcustomdbfunction.log file located at ARSystem\Arserver\Db for details. After viewing the log, run the database scripts again by issuing the following command via the Java driver:



It can take up to one hour for the script to run; however, script processing does not impact any AR System server functionality.

For information on how to run commands by using the Java driver, see To execute commands using the Java driver.

To execute commands using the Java driver

  1. From the command prompt, go to the C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\Arserver\api\lib directory and execute the javadriver.bat command.
  2. Execute the log command with the required options.
    If the port is not default (0), then run the SSP command to set the server port and execute the VER command to verify the results of the command.
  3. Execute the proc command.
    The commands asks for the Wait for process to complete (F) value
  5. Enter T.

To define a new database function

Perform the following steps to define a function in Remedy AR System server for a particular database:

  1. Login to Remedy AR System.
  2. Select AR System Administrator > AR System JDBC:Generic Db Functions.

  3. On the AR System JDBC:Generic Db Functions form, click New request.
  4. Enter values for the following fields:

    Field name


    Function Name

    Name of the database function.
    Note: The function name is case sensitive.

    Function Return Type

    Return type of the database function.
    Function InformationSpecific information about the database function.
    Function GUIDA unique function identifier.
    Variable ArgumentIndicates whether the number of arguments required for the function are fixed or variable.
    A Yes value indicates that the number of arguments required for the function is not fixed. When you select Yes, all the argument data type fields are disabled.
    A No value indicates that the number of arguments required for the function is fixed.
    Function Database TypeThe database for which you are creating the function request.
    Minimum Function Argument NumberMinimum number of arguments that you want to pass to the function.
    Arg1 Data TypeData type of argument one.
    Arg2 Data TypeData type of argument two.
    Arg3 Data TypeData type of argument three.
    Arg4 Data TypeData type of argument four.
    Arg5 Data TypeData type of argument five.
    Arg6 Data TypeData type of argument six.
    Arg7 Data TypeData type of argument seven.
    Arg8 Data TypeData type of argument eight.
    Arg9 Data TypeData type of argument nine.
    Arg10 Data TypeData type of argument ten.
    SubmitterName of the database function request submitter.
    Create DateDatabase function creation date.
    Last Modified byName of the user who last modified the request.
    Modified DateLast modified date.
  5. Click Save.


    For troubleshooting issues related to defining functions in AR System Server, see the API and SQL log files.

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