This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Chained and broadcast distributed transfers

This section contains information about:

Both chained and broadcast distributed transfers involve multiple servers. For example:

  • A chained distributed transfer occurs when the sanfrancisco server transfers a request to the chicago server, and then the chicago server transfers the request to the toronto server.
  • A broadcast distributed transfer occurs when the sanfrancisco server transfers the same request to two servers, chicago and toronto.

Consider the overhead that might be involved in the implementation and maintenance of these features. When data is distributed among more than two sites, your troubleshooting effort might increase exponentially.

The examples in this section assume that you are an administrator at Acme Industries (see Distributed operations scenarios). You are mapping forms among three servers located in San Francisco, Chicago, and Toronto. All the servers have DSO licenses.

The procedures in this section build on procedures in Distributed operations scenarios.

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