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Written logs

To support a process audit, a log of the process actions must contain information sufficient to answer the following questions:

  • What was the action taken or decision made (the meaning of the signature)?
  • When was the action taken or decision made (the date and time of the signature)?
  • Who took the action or made the decision (the signature)?

In a manual system, this information is kept by storing the relevant paper documents in a filing system. When you use BMC Remedy Approval Server to implement a process, BMC Remedy AR System stores the answers to these three questions in the Approval Audit Trail field, which is associated with every request. For information about how BMC Remedy Approval Server uses the Audit Trail Field, see AP:Detail form.

You can also use the Audit form property to track changes to data in any form. If this property is configured, BMC Remedy AR System tracks changes to audited fields in the form according to settings you specify. You can selectively audit entries by providing an audit qualification, or audit all changes to the specified fields. For information about using BMC Remedy AR System form auditing, see Using audit records.

You can also track supporting data in the BMC Remedy Approval Server and BMC Remedy AR System log files. For information about using these log files, see Working with logs.

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