This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using working lists

You can create working lists to keep references to objects that you need to view, change, or export to complete an application development or maintenance task. You can add and remove objects from working lists as you work with them.

Descriptions of working lists are stored locally in your BMC Remedy Developer Studio workspace. Working lists refer to objects on the BMC Remedy AR System server, but the server does not record any information about working lists or an object's membership in them.

BMC Remedy Developer Studio has the following types of working lists:

  • View-by-form list — Contains one or more BMC Remedy AR System forms and all objects related to them.
  • Application view-by-form list — Contains one or more BMC Remedy AR System forms from one application and all objects related to them.
  • Related list — Contains one or more BMC Remedy AR System server objects and optionally either directly related objects or all related objects.
  • Reserved Objects — Contains all objects reserved on a BMC Remedy AR System server with object reservation enforced. (Subadministrators see only those objects they have reserved.) This list cannot be modified or deleted. See Version control in BMC Remedy AR System.
  • Search list — Contains the list of objects that is defined through a Search.

Every time you open a working list, the list is updated with the current related objects. For example, if a filter is created that is associated with a form in a view-by-form list, the new filter is included the next time that you open the list.


Although there is no limit on the number of objects in a working list, lists with many objects, included related objects, are slower to open than lists with fewer objects.

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