This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Using transparent images

In earlier versions, BMC Remedy AR System server supported only .bmp, .dib, .jpeg, .jpg, .targa, and .tiff images. Those image types cannot have transparent backgrounds.

In BMC Remedy AR System server 7.5.00 and later, the following BMC Remedy AR System components support .gif and .png images, which can have transparent backgrounds:

  • BMC Remedy Developer Studio
  • BMC Remedy Mid Tier


PNG images that use alpha transparency are supported by Firefox, and Safari. PNG and GIF images that use binary transparency are supported by all BMC Remedy AR System server compatible browsers.

To create graphics with transparent backgrounds that let the surface on which they are placed show through, use .gif and .png images with the Display as Flat Image property. For example, use such images to create borderless buttons. The following figure shows a .gif coffee cup image with a transparent background on a regular button and on a borderless button.

A .gif file with transparent background on regular and borderless buttons

To build toolbars, you can use transparent images on borderless buttons as shown in the following figure.

Transparent images as toolbar buttons


To add decorative graphics to forms, use borderless buttons without workflow.

Most browsers always use a visual aid, such as a dotted outline, to indicate that borderless buttons have focus. Internet Explorer, however, does this only when the form has certain background colors.

You can use .gif and .png images anywhere that images are supported in BMC Remedy AR System server, including

  • Backgrounds on form views
  • Backgrounds on standalone panel fields
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