This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using signaling services provided on clients

The main services provided on the clients are the signaling services. For sending signals to the data visualization module from a BMC Remedy AR System form, remember the following guidelines:

  • Workflow must be written to call the PERFORM-ACTION-SEND-EVENT Run Process action, specifying the target window ID as a field by specifying the ID as F <fieldID>.
  • The $EVENTTYPE$ and $EVENTDATA$ keywords are used to pass the event type and data separately, instead of using only the $EVENTTYPE$ keyword.
  • The Send Event Run Process uses an additional argument to represent the event data ($EVENTDATA$ ). This argument is a string that must be enclosed in double quotation marks if it contains spaces (with the BMC Remedy AR System standard of escaping of double quotation marks being two double quotation marks together, representing a single double quotation mark character.)
  • To send signals to the mid tier, call the EventDispatcher.sendEventToMidTier(evttype, evtData) through a JavaScript call.
  • To send signals to the parent form, call EventDispatcher.sendEventToParent(evtType, evtData). This results in an event being generated on the BMC Remedy AR System form containing the data visualization field. Workflow can be added to act on an event with the run if condition being defined on the $EVENTTYPE$/$EVENTDATA$/$EVENTWINSRCID$ keywords. The $EVENTTYPE$ and $EVENTDATA$ keywords are set to the values passed in the call. The EVENTSRCWINID is set to F <moduleFieldID>.
  • To drill down to another form, call EventDispatcher.drillDownToform(server, form, view, qualification) on the client side opens the form from the server (if current credentials are valid for that server) in Modify mode, with the entries matching the qualification displayed in the results list. Use the signaling to parent form mechanism with appropriate workflow on the main form to drill-down into forms and have them open up in modes other than modify.
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