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Troubleshooting startup issues with Developer Studio

When you start Developer Studio, you might encounter certain issues such as you cannot log in to Developer Studio or you get an error message related to the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). See the guidelines described here to obtain the appropriate log files and to resolve any startup issues with Developer Studio. Alternatively, you can create a BMC Support case.


  • You get an error message related to the JRE while starting Developer Studio.
  • You cannot import or export a .def file.
  • You cannot log in to Developer Studio.


One or more users might experience the symptoms.


Perform the following steps to troubleshoot startup issues with Remedy Developer Studio:

1.Review the configuration.Verify that the Java path in the devstudio.ini file is correct. For more information, see the knowledge article 000101704.
2.Unlock the workspace.If Developer Studio terminates abnormally, the workspace directory might get locked. If this occurs, restart Developer Studio to unlock the workspace and to select or create another workspace.
3.Review the Developer Studio configuration.

In the devstudio.ini file, verify that the following items are correct:

  • Java heap size and maximum metaspace size
  • Java path for the -vm option

The following is a sample devstudio.ini file:


-vm C:\Program Files\Java\<Java_Home_Folder>\bin\javaw.exe


Enable logs.

Enable Java debug logging for Developer Studio.

To know how to enable Java debug logging for Developer Studio, see Enabling Java debug logging for Remedy Developer Studio or see the knowledge article 000025307.

Note: Enabling Java debug logging creates the javaapi.log file.

5.Collect the logs.

Review the data in the log file to identify any symptoms or error messages.

The log file is located at: Users\Administrator\DeveloperStudio\workspace\.metadata.

Copy the log file to another location and then review it so that it does not get overwritten. The log file might be huge in size depending upon the volume.

See the table to troubleshoot issues based on the symptoms and error messages.

6.Create a BMC Support case.

Collect and send logs and detailed information when creating a case with BMC Support:

  1. Provide the following information as part of your case:
    • Name of the user who faced a startup issue with Developer Studio
    • Login information
    • Time when the issue occurred
    • Any error messages received
  2. Include the devstudio.ini file from the \BMC Software\ARSystem\DeveloperStudio folder.
  3. Collect the following logs:
    • arerror.log
    • javaapi.log (See step 4 in this table.)
    • Log file from the Users\Administrator\DeveloperStudio\workspace\.metadata folder.
  4. Attach the log file to your case.
    You can attach a log file of size up to 2 GB. You can also upload the file on FTP. For more information, see How to use BMC's Managed File Transfer (MFT) to send log files to BMC Support to comply with GDPR policies.
7.Analyze the log file.You can review the log file to identify error messages or behaviors. See the table to identify the possible symptoms and solutions.

After you determine a specific symptom or error message, use the following table to identify the solution:

When you start Developer Studio, you get ERROR (623): Authentication failed.On screen
  1. Verify that the user has access to Developer Studio and the password entered is correct.
  2. On the Login page of Developer Studio, click Edit Server List and then verify the server and port information.


When you start Developer Studio, you get A Java Runtime Environment Error, No Java Virtual machine was found.

On screen

  1. Edit the devstudio.ini file available in the same folder as that of the DevStudio.exe file, typically C:\ProgramFiles\BMCSoftware\ARSystem\DeveloperStudio
  2. Verify the Java path in the devstudio.ini file.
    -vm C:\Program Files\Java\<Java_Home_Folder>\bin\javaw.exe

Step 2 in the Resolution section

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