This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.


This section provides information about responding to errors caused by failed processes, and fine tuning your BMC Remedy AR System installation.



Collate information about BMC Remedy AR System components before you contact BMC Customer Support.

Gathering information for support

Use the various tools provided by BMC Remedy AR System to collect diagnostics such as: 

  • version information
  • database consistency
  • server statistics
  • cache load tracking

Collecting diagnostics

Interpret errors and warning messages to identify and resolve the cause of an error.

BMC Remedy AR System diagnostic messages

Configure logging for BMC Remedy AR System and the following components:

  • BMC Remedy Mid Tier
  • BMC Remedy Approval Server
  • BMC Remedy Distributed Server Option (DSO)
  • BMC Remedy Email Engine

Enabling logs

Understand the logging options provided by BMC Remedy AR System to verify the operations being performed and identify the operations that cause an error.

Working with logs

Activate logging to debug workflow and Identify errors in various logs such as server error log and DSO logs.

Analyzing logs

Locate error message descriptions and possible workarounds.

Working with error messages

Search the BMC Knowledge Base on the BMC Support Central website, which contains solutions to known problems and common questions.

Searching the Knowledge Base

Analyze and troubleshoot performance issues.

Troubleshooting Performance Issues with Remedy AR System

Resolve issues with missing DLL files.

Troubleshooting server processes on Windows

Understand Full Text Search (FTS) and SQL logging to troubleshoot Full Text Index.

Troubleshooting Remedy Full Text Search

Identify various plug-in related issues and perform checks to resolve them.

Troubleshooting plug-in issues

Understand the files and directories to use while troubleshooting issues with BMC Remedy Email Engine.

Troubleshooting Remedy Email Engine

Troubleshoot mid tier issues such as out-of-memory exceptions and attachment issues.

Troubleshooting Remedy Mid Tier

Understand BMC Remedy Approval Server configuration file settings, and identify and resolve approval server issues.

Troubleshooting Remedy Approval Server

Identify BMC Remedy Developer Studio limitations and understand the Preferences tab.

Troubleshooting Remedy Developer Studio

Use the environment variable DEBUG_JIT to resolve BMC Remedy Data Import Tool installation issues.

Troubleshooting BMC Remedy Data Import installation issues

Test a flashboard and resolve common issues with BMC Remedy Flashboards.

Troubleshooting BMC Remedy Flashboards

Identify components to use while troubleshooting Java based encryption.

2021-02-26_04-04-15_Troubleshooting Remedy Encryption Security products

Troubleshoot common issues with BMC Atrium CMDB

Troubleshooting issues with BMC Atrium CMDB

Set up alerts and alert logging to diagnose problems with alert activity.

Troubleshooting alert activity

Troubleshoot Distributed Server Option errors and performance issues

Troubleshooting BMC Remedy Distributed Server Option

Understand the files for BMC Remedy Assignment Engine files and configure its classic version

Troubleshooting BMC Remedy Assignment Engine

Troubleshoot issues that you encounter while installing, integrating, and working with BMC Remedy Single Sign-On

Troubleshooting BMC Remedy Single Sign-on issues Open link

Resolve issues related to BMC Remedy Deployment ApplicationTroubleshooting the BMC Remedy Deployment Application

Understand resolve issues related to binary payload deployment

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