This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Resources for templates

Templates, and the resources they use, are stored as attachments to requests of the AR System Resource Definitions form. Three types of resources are available:

  • Template — A text file containing text with parameters.
  • Image — An image file in any format, including GIF or PNG formats.
  • Custom — A file of another type, such as an audio file, that can be presented by a browser.

A template is accessed either by using the TEMPLATE function or by binding it to a view field. The template can refer to other resources to include images and other media in the output it produces.

The following figure shows the form used to store templates and other resources.

AR System Resource Definition form
(Click the image to expand it.)

This form includes the following information:

  • Name — The name used to references the resource.
  • Status — Either Active or Inactive. Inactive resources cannot be processed by the client.
  • Type — The type of resource: Template, Image, or Custom.
  • Description — A brief description of the template.
  • Mime type — The Internet media type or MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) type of the resource.
    • For Type set to Template, text/html.
    • For Type set to Image, image/gif or image/png.
    • For Type set to CSS files (.cs), text/css.
    • For Type set to JavaScript (.js), text/javascript.
    • For Type set to Custom, any type entered, for example, audio/mpeg.
  • Subtype — An optional character value that can identify a more specific type to distinguish resources.
  • Locale — The locale of the resource. If specified, BMC Remedy AR System server uses this field to select the resource with a given name that matches the user's locale.
  • Application — The name of the application that uses this resource, if any.
  • Resources — An attachment field where the actual HTML text, image, or other resource file is stored.
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