This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Modifier keywords for use in workflows

The following modifier keywords can help verify whether a user has pressed the Shift, Alt, or Control keyboard modifier keys:

  • $ALT_KEY$
  • $CTRL_KEY$

The Keywords section provides a description about the keywords. In BMC Remedy Developer Studio, you can define workflow that uses the modifier keywords on any type of field and with any execution options. For example, you might want to create workflow on a control field such as push button, URL-style button, or image button. You can also define similar workflow for a table field.

Example of using a modifier keyword

The following procedure describes an example of how to use the $SHIFT_KEY$ keyword (one of the modifier keywords) so that workflow verifies whether the Shift key was pressed. (Similarly, you can use other modifier keywords for the Alt or Ctrl keys.)

In this example procedure, the workflow opens a BMC Remedy AR System form in a new window when the user presses the Shift key while clicking on a Control field in BMC Remedy Mid Tier.


$SHIFT_KEY$ is not limited to the workflow that is defined to open a form in a new window.

To use the $SHIFT_KEY$ keyword in workflow

  1. Add a workflow object to a form or use an existing workflow object, such as a button.
  2. Create an active link and associate the workflow object with a form.
  3. Define the execution options for the active link.
  4. Under Execution Options, click the Field ellipsis button and select the control field you chose in step 1.
  5. Under the Run If Qualification section, enter a qualification with that verifies whether the Shift key was pressed (for example, $SHIFT_KEY$ = 1.)
    This qualification validates whether the Shift key is pressed. If the $SHIFT_KEY$ keyword is used, the value is set to 1 when the Shift key is pressed while starting the workflow from a control field (in this case). Any other value represents that the Shift key is not pressed.
  6. Add an Open Window If action.
    • Select a window type.
    • For the Target Location field, select New.
  7. Add an Open Window Else action.
    • Select a window type.
    • For the Target Location field, select Current.
  8. Save the active link.
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