This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Message catalogs in UNIX

All messages returned by UNIX  processes are stored in a message catalog. (All messages returned by Windows processes are compiled into the software and are not stored in an accessible catalog.)

This catalog is named for BMC Remedy AR System messages. The installation process establishes a symbolic link in the default message catalog area to the catalogs installed by the system.

By default, the message catalogs are stored in the following locations:

Message catalog locations

Client Environment

Message Catalog Location

HP-UX and HP-UX Itanium




Oracle Solaris




The path names contain these variables:

  • %L specifies the value of the LANG environment variable (C by default).
  • %N specifies the name of the message catalog.

For example, the following syntax specifies the BMC Remedy AR System message catalog location (assuming the default language environment) on Solaris:


On some systems, the directory holding the catalogs is mounted as read-only, making it impossible to store a link to the message catalogs. You might want to store the catalogs in another location. The catalog files are in the locale directory under the BMC Remedy AR System installation directory (by default, /usr/ar/locale ).

Use the NLSPATH environment variable to place the catalogs in a directory other than the default directory. For example, on Solaris, if the default catalog directory is read-only, you can link to the catalogs by setting the NLSPATH environment variable as follows:

setenv NLSPATH /usr/ar/locale/%N:/usr/lib/locale/%L/LC_MESSAGES/%N


To ensure that catalogs for other products are still accessible, include the default directory in the NLSPATH environment variable.

For more information about internationalizing message catalogs, see your operating system documentation.

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