This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Localizing the BMC Remedy AR System forms

Localizing the BMC Remedy AR System server involves localizing the systems forms as well as messages, help, and reports.

Localizing system forms

To localize the system forms, simply follow the procedures in Localizing your application.

The system forms that you should localize are:

  • Alert List
  • AP:AdhocDialog
  • AP:Admin-DeleteVerify
  • AP:Alternate
  • AP:Dtl-Sig-MoreInfoDialog
  • AP:More Information
  • AP:Password
  • AP:Reassign
  • AP:Show-Detail
  • AP:ShowDetail-DeleteVerify
  • Approval Central (former AP:Pending Approvals)
  • AR System User Central File
  • AR System User Preference
  • Business Segment-Entity Association
  • Business Time Holidays
  • Business Time Segment
  • Business Time Shared Entity
  • Business Time Shared Entity-Entity Association_Join_Join
  • Business Time Workdays
  • Group
  • Home Page
  • Report
  • ReportCreator
  • ReportSelection
  • ReportType
  • SHARE:Application_Interface
  • User
  • User Password Change
  • User Password Change Redirector
  • User Password Management Configuration

To localize forms that are shipped with BMC Remedy AR System

  1. Follow the steps for localizing an application, as described in Localizing your application.
  2. When you create the localization package definition, add the forms to the Independent Forms section.
    See Creating a localization package definition.
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