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Integrating Approval Server with an application

To link your application to the approval server and configure the approval process, you must perform the following tasks:

  • Creating an approval request form that requesters will use to enter approval requests
  • Creating two join forms that join your approval request form with two different approval server supporting forms
  • Running the arjoinfix utility to configure the join forms for the approval server
    The following approval server forms are used to create respective joins with the approval request form:
    • AP:Detail
    • AP:Detail-Signature (a join of AP:Detail and AP:Signature created at the Approval Server level)
  • Entering the approval request form in AP:Administration
  • Defining the processes and rules in AP:Administration
  • Adding workflow (at least one filter) to the approval request form that will start the approval process
  • Adding notifications to your process

The topics in this section describe procedures for the first three actions, as well as adding notifications:

To create processes and rules, see:

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