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Extending BMC Remedy Developer Studio

Developer Studio is composed of Eclipse plug-ins, which are modules of code that perform various functions. Some of these plug-ins have public extension points, which are ports through which they expose their functionality to other plug-ins and indicate which class or method to call to use that functionality. To add functionality to Developer Studio, you can create custom plug-ins with extensions that hook into these extension points. Through these connections, custom plug-ins can exchange API calls with Developer Studio and the AR System server.


To create plug-ins for Developer Studio, you must be familiar with Eclipse plug-in development (see and Java (see Although BMC Customer Support is available to answer questions about BMC plug-ins and APIs, it cannot provide help with general Eclipse and Java issues that you encounter while developing custom plug-ins.

This section contains information about adding custom functionality to BMC Remedy Developer Studio:


This feature does not apply to BMC Remedy AR System release 7.5.00 or earlier.

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