This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Event Navigator

BMC Remedy Developer Studio provides an Event Navigator view for a form, which helps you in the following ways:

  • Displays in a tree structure the form events and field events that have workflow associated with them, thus outlining the events related to the form and its fields.
  • Synchronizes itself with the active Form editor when the Link with Form Editor option is enabled.
  • Enables you to view the workflow associated with an event easily.

Before you begin

You can use the Event navigator view only when you check the Record Object Relationships checkbox on the Server Information form. Perform the following procedure to check the Record Object Relationships checkbox:

  1. Navigate to AR System Administration console > General > Server Information > Configuration tab > Record Object Relationship checkbox.
  2. Check the Record Object Relationship checkbox.
  3. Restart Developer Studio.


The Event Navigator view can only be launched for one form at a time. For more information, see Launching the Event Navigator.

The Event Navigator view
(Click the image to expand it.)

The top-most parent node in the tree structure is the form node, which represents the form whose event navigation is being viewed. Only those events that have workflow associated with them are listed. When you open this view for the first time or switch to a different form's view, all the nodes are collapsed. You must expand each non-leaf node to view its details.


The Event Navigator lists only those events that have workflow in the Enabled state associated with them.

The first child node is Form Events, which lists the events and escalations associated with the form. The time-based event nodes under Form Events might vary based on the number and type of escalations.

The second child node is either Field Events or Fields, depending on whether the View by Events or View by Fields option is set. Use the first two icons in the tab group toolbar to specify your choice; they are mutually exclusive. For more information, see Tab group toolbar buttons in the Event Navigator.


When viewing by events, a field can appear under multiple event nodes depending on the events on which the workflow is fired.

The Show Workflow context menu is enabled only for the leaf nodes, whether it is a field or an event.

Relevant changes to the form, like addition or deletion of fields or workflow associated with the form or its fields, are reflected immediately in the Event Navigator.

Tab group toolbar buttons in the Event Navigator

The following buttons are available in the Event Navigator:

  • View by Events ( ) — Click to display the list of fields sorted by events. Expand the individual event nodes to view the fields to which they belong.
  • View by Fields ( ) — Click to display the list of events sorted by fields. Expand the individual field nodes to view the related events.
  • Link with Form Editor ( ) — The Link with Form Editor button on the tab group toolbar works as follows:
    • When selected, it links the Event Navigator with the active Form editor. This is useful when you want to watch the event navigation for a form being edited. When you select a field or event node in the Event Navigator, the appropriate field in the Form editor gets selected. If you switch a different form in the Form editor, the Event Navigator displays the events of the currently active form. If you reload the Event Navigator for a different form by using the Show Event Navigator menu in the Object List view, then the events for the new form are displayed. However, because Link with Form Editor is selected, switching to the previous form in the Form editor displays its events again.
  • When cleared, the automatic synchronization is switched off, and you need to manually launch the Event Navigator from a form being edited. See Launching the Workflow Execution Viewer. If the Form editor view is not open, then the state of the Link with Form Editor toggle button has no effect. The Event Navigator displays the events of the form from which you trigger the command.

Launching the Event Navigator

You can launch the Event Navigator by using the Window menu, but to use the view, you should open in the context of a form or field.

To launch the Event Navigator regardless of a form

  1. Select Window > Show View > Other.
  2. In the Show View dialog, either type Event Navigator as the filter text, or expand BMC Remedy Developer Studio, select Event Navigator, and click OK.

To launch the Event Navigator for a particular form

  1. Select the form in the Object List view.
  2. From the context menu, select Show Event Navigator.


    The Show Event Navigator menu is only available in the Object List view for forms. This menu is disabled if you select multiple forms in the Object List view.

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