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Electronic signatures

In general, an electronic signature is stored data that reflects the intent of the individual to indicate his or her signature. It must include the name of the signer, the date and time the signature was executed, and the meaning of the signature.

BMC Remedy Approval Server provides this functionality for BMC Remedy AR System based applications. Any application that uses BMC Remedy Approval Server to generate signatures, such as BMC Change Management or a custom approval application, automatically uses the BMC Remedy Approval Server functionality to permanently store each electronic signature along with a set of related information.


Many national and state governments have enacted laws that specifically define the term "electronic signature". Companies using BMC Remedy Approval Server to support compliance audits, where this term carries a specific meaning, should use the information in this section together with appropriate legal advice.

Many audit guidelines also require that the approver's identity be verified at the time the signature is entered. With BMC Remedy Approval Server, you can apply several types of control to ensure that the approver has signature authority and to verify the approver's identity.

  • The approver's signature authority can be controlled by maintaining a list of authorized approvers, and configuring the application to verify the approver.
  • The approver's identity and authentication is verified by BMC Remedy AR System access control at the time the user logs on. BMC Remedy AR System access control is robust, and administrators can configure the system to restrict access at many levels, including access to records, field contents, and application functionality. Access is controlled based on the user, user groups, and roles.
  • Finally, you can make approvers re-enter their password at the time of approval, so that an unauthorized user cannot execute an approval by using an unattended console. For more information about configuring the system to re-enter the password for approval, see AP-Process Definition form.

For more information about access control in BMC Remedy AR System, see Access control.


A digital signature is not same as an electronic signature. A digital signature is a specific type of electronic signature that uses cryptographic methods to ensure both the content of a message and the authenticity of the signer. BMC Remedy AR System provides electronic signatures but not digital signatures.

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