This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Defining a precheck for a package

When deployment package is in the Draft state, as an administrator or Package Creator, you can optionally define a precheck for a package. You define a precheck qualification to validate preconditions for deployment, such as the version, or to validate content, such as a form. The package content is deployed only if the precheck passes. You can also customize the error messages that are displayed when the precheck fails.

Package-level precheck

A package-level precheck qualification checks package status and version compatibility before you deploy or rollback a package. For example, you can perform a precheck that validates and shows an error message when you deploy a patch for version 18.05 on version 9.1.04.

If a qualification you have set for the package-level precheck fails, the package status on the Deployment Management console changes to Rejected and the package is not deployed.

Content-level precheck

A content-level precheck qualification checks the contents of a package. For example, a Remedy IT Service Management patch contains fixes for all applications: Remedy Asset Management, Remedy Knowledge Management, and Remedy Service Request Management. Since you do not use Remedy Asset Management, you define a content-level precheck that excludes the Remedy Asset Management patch deployment.

If a content-level precheck fails, the current content entry of the deployment package is skipped and the next content entry is processed and the package is successfully deployed.

To create a precheck for a package

  1. Define a package.
  2. Click Manage precheck.
    RDA:DeploymentPackagePreCheck form is displayed.

  3. Select one of the Precheck Type from the following options:
    • Package Deploy
    • Package Rollback
    • Content Deploy
  4. If you selected Content Deploy, in the Content Nameselect the content type for which you want to set a precheck qualification.
  5. Enter a Precheck Name.
  6. In the Form Name list, select the form name.
  7. In the Qualification field, enter a query to build the precheck qualification.
  8. In the Activity Log Message field, enter the error message or warning that you want to display if the qualification fails.
  9. Click Add and click Close.

A precheck qualification is created for your deployment package.

To modify or delete an existing precheck

A deployment package must be in a Draft state to modify an existing precheck.

  1. In the RDA:DeploymentPackageDetails form, click Manage Precheck.
  2. From the Deployment Package Pre-check list, select an existing precheck .
  3. In the Qualification field, perform one of the following actions:
    • Click Modify to update an existing qualification and click Close.
    • Click Remove to delete an existing qualification and click Close.

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