This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Data visualization fields introduction

This section provides an overview of data visualization fields and their use in enabling graphical elements in BMC Remedy AR System forms.

BMC Remedy AR System provides a seamless integration of web content through the data visualization field (DVF). This integration deploys the web content generation module (the server-side component that generates web content) through the data visualization module (DVM).

Because the DVM is a server-side component, it needs the BMC Remedy Mid Tier as a hosting environment. The mid tier must be running if you want to view the web content while authoring in BMC Remedy Developer Studio.

For example, a flashboard is implemented as a DVM. To see the flashboard during authoring time, the mid tier must be running, and the BMC Remedy AR System server must be configured so that it can obtain default web content from the mid tier (set the Default Web Path setting on the AR System Administration: Server Information form).

The DVF provides the following benefits:

  • Data visualization module developers need to write only the image generation and user interface code.
  • Authentication is handled automatically.
  • Authorization for the definitions is handled automatically.
  • Ease of deployment and version control. Modules are automatically deployed on all mid tier systems that get requests for the data visualization.
  • Data visualization definition objects smoothly integrate into the BMC Remedy AR System import/export model.
  • Client-side workflow integration is supported. (The mid tier can generate code for such integrations when users click hotspots.)
  • By implementing the PluginContext interface and appropriate data model pluggability, the code for a module can be reused in environments that do not include BMC Remedy Mid Tier.
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