This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Data structure changes and additions

This section describes data structure additions and changes.

New structures

The following new structures support the groupby, having, and aggregate functionality added to ARGetListEntryWithMultiSchemaFields:

  • ARMultiSchemaFuncQueryFromList (replaces ARMultiSchemaQueryFromList)
  • ARMultiSchemaFuncQueryFromStruct (replaces ARMultiSchemaQueryFromStruct)
  • ARMultiSchemaRecursiveFuncQueryStruct (replaces ARMultiSchemaRecursiveQueryStruct)
  • ARMultiSchemaNestedFuncQueryStruct (replaces ARMultiSchemaNestedQueryStruct)
  • ARMultiSchemaFieldFuncList
  • ARMultiSchemaFieldFuncStruct
  • ARMultiSchemaFuncQualifierStruct
  • ARMultiSchemaFuncAndOrStruct
  • ARMultiSchemaFuncRelOpStruct
  • ARMultiSchemaFieldFuncValueOrArithStruct (replaces ARMultiSchemaFieldValueOrArithStruct)
  • ARMultiSchemaFuncArithOpStruct
  • ARMultiSchemaFuncValueSetQueryStruct
  • ARMultiSchemaFuncCurrencyPartStruct (replaces ARMultiSchemaCurrencyPartStruct)
  • ARMultiSchemaFuncStatHistoryValue (replaces ARMultiSchemaStatHistoryValue)
  • ARMultiSchemaFieldFuncValueStruct (replaces ARMultiSchemaFieldValueStruct)
  • ARMultiSchemaFieldFuncValueList (replaces ARMultiSchemaFieldValueList)
  • ARMultiSchemaFieldFuncValueListList (replaces ARMultiSchemaFieldValueListList)

If your application uses ARGetListEntryWithMultiSchemaFields, you will need recompile it after linking to the release 7.6.04 API library. For more information about the changes to this function, see ARGetListEntryWithMultiSchemaFields, Structures for ARGetListEntryWithMultiSchemaFields, and Using aggregate functions, groupBy clauses, and having clauses.

If an ARGetListEntryWithMultiSchemaFields API call that uses the new options for this function is passed to a pre-7.6.02 BMC Remedy AR System server, the new options are stripped from the query.

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