This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Creating workflow-based notifications

BMC Remedy AR System application designers can use workflow-based notifications for approval events. Workflow-based notification provides a way for approval events to be propagated to a customized notification system.

To enable workflow-based notifications

  1. Follow the procedures to add an application to the BMC Remedy AR System server. See Connecting an application to the approval server.
  2. Verify that the three-way join form for the application contains the following fields from the AP:Detail-Signature form:
    • Notification Message (ID 12303)
    • Subject (ID 12305)
    • Additional Fields (ID 12340)
    • Process Instance ID (ID 13021)
  3. In the AP:Notification form, create a notification for your process. See Defining an email notification.
  4. In the Details tab, select Workflow in the Method list.
  5. Enter relevant data in required fields and save the record on the AP:Notification form.
    When you save the record, the AR System server implicitly creates filter and a filter guide.
  6. In BMC Remedy Developer Studio, create a filter with the following workflow actions:
    1. Approval Server creates a Set Fields action that pushes message details from the AP:Notification form to the display-only fields that you added to the AP:Detail form.
      For example, push the value from the Subject field on AP:Notification to the Subject display-only field on AP:Detail.

      Set Fields actionin the filter
    2. Approval Server creates a Call Guide action that selects the AP:Workflow Notifications Guide filter guide.

      Call Guide action
  7. Add your filter to the AP:Workflow Notifications Guide, add a Notify Action to the filter, and also populate the Notify Action fields.

    Custom filter added to the guide

    Actual call guide with the custom filter

    When the approval event triggers the notification, the BMC Remedy AR System server fires the filter that sends the notification.

To create customized notification message based on the required locale

  1. In the Details tab of the AP:Notification form, specify the notification tag message in the Message field. For more information, see the AP:Notification form.
  2. In the SYS:Notification Messages form, specify the value for the Email Template Name field and create a new record to send the notification message in the required locale.
  3. In CTM:People > Notification, set the locale of the user, in which the notification message has to be sent. For more information, see  Adding people information .

    When the approval event triggers a notification, a custom message based on the locale is triggered from SYS:Notification Messages form.
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