This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Creating a .NET web service client

  1. Create a basic web service named SimpleWebService.
  2. Install Microsoft .NET Runtime and Visual Studio .NET 7.0 from


    This information is provided as a convenience only. For instructions about installing and using Microsoft products, see the appropriate Microsoft documentation at

  3. Open Visual Studio .NET 7.0.
  4. Select File > New > Project.
  5. From the set of available project types, select Visual C# Projects.
  6. Select Console Application from Templates.
  7. In the Name field, enter WSClient.
  8. In the Location field, enter the directory name in which you want to store the project files. (for example, C:\temp).
  9. Click OK.
  10. Select View > Solution Explorer.
  11. In Solution Explorer, right-click WSClient and select Add Web Reference.
  12. In the Address bar, enter the URL for WSDL (for example, http://<midtierServer>/arsys/WSDL/<arServer>/SimpleWebService, as created in the Creating a basic web service procedure).
    For information about WSDL, see
  13. Enter the user name and password, and click Login (this is needed only if public access is not provided to the web service that you created).
  14. Click Add Reference.
  15. Select Project > Show All Files.
  16. In Solution Explorer, under Web References, right-click SimpleWebService.cs and select View Code.
    SimpleWebService.cs is the proxy class generated for making requests to your web service.
  17. Click the Class1.cs tab.
  18. After the using System statement, enter the following statement on a separate line:
    using WSClient.<midtierServer>;
  19. Enter the following code in the Main method (after the //TODO... statement):
    // create a proxy object to make web service requests
    SimpleWebService proxy = new SimpleWebService();
    // set up authentication info
    AuthenticationInfo authInfo = new AuthenticationInfo();
    authInfo.userName = "Demo"; // give a valid AR user name
    authInfo.password = ""; // give a valid password
    proxy.AuthenticationInfoValue = authInfo;
    // declare variables
    String Assigned_To;
    String Short_Description;
    StatusType Status;
    String Submitter;
    String Request_ID;
    // supply values for creating an entry using OpCreate
    Assigned_To = "Frank";
    Short_Description = "Testing web service";
    Status = StatusType.New;
    Submitter = "Joe";
    // make web service request to create an entry and make changes to this code as per the operation names defined in your web service
    Request_ID = proxy.OpCreate(Assigned_To, Short_Description, Status, Submitter);
    Console.WriteLine("Successfully created a request with id: " + Request_ID);
    // declare additional variables for get operation
    DateTime Create_Date;
    String Last_Modified_By;
    DateTime Modified_Date;
    String Status_History;
    // make web service request to get the entry that was created above
    Assigned_To = proxy.OpGet(ref Request_ID, out Create_Date, out Last_Modified_By, out Modified_Date,
    out Short_Description, out Status, out Status_History, out Submitter);
    Console.WriteLine("Following values have been returned by OpGet");
    Console.WriteLine("Request_ID : " + Request_ID);
    Console.WriteLine("Create_Date : " + Create_Date);
    Console.WriteLine("Last_Modified_By : " + Last_Modified_By);
    Console.WriteLine("Modified_Date : " + Modified_Date);
    Console.WriteLine("Short_Description : " + Short_Description);
    Console.WriteLine("Status : " + Status);
    Console.WriteLine("Status_History : " + Status_History);
    Console.WriteLine("Submitter : " + Submitter);
    Console.WriteLine("Assigned_To : " + Assigned_To);
  20. Select Build > Rebuild All.
  21. Change directory to C:\temp\WSClient\bin\Debug.
  22. Enter WSClient.exe at the command prompt to run the client.
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