This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Changing display parameters for flashboards

This section contains two procedures that describe how to enter or change flashboard display parameters in a Data Visualization field and in an active link. See Display parameters for a list of all display parameters.

To enter parameters in a Data Visualization field

  1. Create a Data Visualization field on a form as described in Adding a flashboard to a BMC Remedy AR System form.
  2. Select the field.
  3. In the Properties tab, click Custom Properties, and enter a parameter and value using the following format:
  4. Save the form.
  1. Create an active link.
    See Creating active links.
  2. Add a Set Fields If action.
  3. From the Data Source list, select the location of the Data Visualization field that references the flashboard.
    If you enter an option other than Current Screen, complete the other fields above the Field/Value table as needed.
  4. In the Field column, enter the name of the Data Visualization field that references the flashboard.
    Hint: Click the ellipsis (...) button to select from the available fields.
  5. In the Value column, enter the parameters and values to apply to the field in the following format (comma separated):
    parameter= value
    When you modify flashboard values, use the conventions in Flashboard parameter and value conventions.
    For more information about display parameters, see Display parameters.
  6. Save the active link.


If you want to display the Chart1 flashboard in the Field1 Data Visualization field as a pie chart:

  1. Enter Field1 in the Field column.
  2. Enter "flashboard=Chart1,chartType=5" in the value field OR Use the following field reference to dynamically select the flashboard name from the FlashboardName character field and chart type from the ChartType integer field:
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