This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Changes to the main form that affect the archive form

Saving the main form to a different form name

If you save a main form in BMC Remedy Developer Studio using the Save As function, the archived settings are not saved to your new form.

Configuring the Archive Type

On the Archive page of the Form Properties dialog box of the main form, if you select None from the Archive Type list, the connection between the archive form and the main form is broken. All archive information is lost, and the archive form is treated as a regular form.

Instead of losing the archive information, clear the Enable check box, and the archiving information is preserved. To resume archiving, select Enable again.


You can select the data to be archived based on a qualification. If you do not specify a qualification, all the data in the form is archived. Consider the effect on performance when using this option.


When you license an application and license the main form, the archive form is also licensed.

Changing field properties on the main form

When you modify the following properties of character fields on the main form, the BMC Remedy AR System server updates the archive form:

  • Attributes
  • Entry mode
  • Field limits
  • Help text

When you modify the following properties, the archive form is unchanged:

  • Display properties
  • Index for FTS
  • Permissions
  • FTS and MFS settings for form fields

Fields on archive forms are always read-only.

Deleting archive fields from the main form

When you delete multiple fields from the main form, the BMC Remedy AR System server attempts to delete those fields from the archive form. If any of those fields contains data, none of them are deleted from the archive form.

However, if the fields are deleted one by one from the main form, the fields that do not contain data are deleted from the archive form.

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