This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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BMC Remedy AR System forms overview

Forms are the foundation of BMC Remedy AR System. A form captures and displays information and a set of forms can be grouped into an applications. An AR System application is a server object that contains references to one or more forms. When an application references a form, BMC Remedy AR System automatically includes all the workflow and other components (such as menus) associated with the form in the application.

Sometimes a single form can contain all of an application's functionality. For example, a small application that tracks product defects can use a single defect-tracking form to capture and display all required information.

Most applications, however, need several forms to capture, track, and organize information. One or more forms make up the application's main forms (sometimes called primary forms) that users interact with directly. Often, the main form is a console that serves as a navigation and information center. The application can also have other forms, called supporting forms, which supply information needed by the main forms.

For example, a service desk form captures information needed to fix a user's computer problem. A purchase requisition form captures the information needed to purchase an item. The following figure illustrates a BMC Remedy AR System form.

Each form contains fields. Some fields, known as data fields, capture a certain type of information, such as a user name or problem details, and have their own set of rules about who can view or modify that information (see Field types). Some fields can have attached menus that help users fill in the form (see Field menus).

Example of a BMC Remedy AR System form
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Each form in an application is like a template to capture or present information. When a user opens a form to perform a task, the template is presented to help the user complete the task. When the form is filled in and submitted to BMC Remedy AR System, the system creates a request, also known as a record in database terms.

Forms are stored as tables in the database. Each data field on the form corresponds to a column in the table. A request corresponds to a row (or record) in the table.

A form from the view of the database
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