This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Basic and custom web services

A web service published in BMC Remedy AR System server can be a basic or custom web service.

A basic BMC Remedy AR System web service has five operations: Get, Create, GetList, Set, and Service. For each field on the base form, BMC Remedy Developer Studio generates an XML-compliant element name and maps it to an input and output parameter. The XML-compliant element names are used in the WSDL file that Developer Studio also generates for the web service. An external client can then call this web service and create, modify, or get records from your form. For the procedure to create a basic web service, see Creating a basic web service.

To customize a web service, you can change some of the web service definitions:

  • Rename the web service.
  • Rename operations.
  • Remove operations and add new ones.
  • Remove fields and add new ones to the mapping.
  • Include only some parts of special fields in your mapping. For example, for an attachment field with multiple parts such as attachmentName, attachmentData, and attachmentOrigSize, you can select only the parts that you require.
  • Rename XML element names. BMC Remedy Developer Studio names the XML elements the same as the field names but removes any special characters and spaces to make the names compliant with XML naming conventions. You can select any XML-compliant name to map to your fields. You can also import an XML document and use the existing XML names to map to your fields.
  • Modify the XML structure. For example, group certain fields to make complex-types or SOAP-structures, or designate a field as an attribute rather than a subelement.
  • Specify an external XML schema.
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