This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Bar chart

Bar charts (the following figure) are most often used for direct comparison of magnitude between categories. Bar charts can also be used to show time-dependent data when the time interval is small. For example, a bar chart might be useful to compare the number of tickets assigned to various employees in one month.

When the bars in a bar chart are of equal width, the length of each bar is proportional to its value, allowing you to compare the differences between bars more easily.

Vertical bar charts are most often used to portray time series, such as the number of high tickets during the course of a month. Horizontal bar charts are most often used to compare data directly, such as the number of tickets assigned to several employees.

If your bar labels contain a lot of text, consider using horizontal bars that allow you to have more room on the vertical axis.

Bar chart

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