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arsignal.exe or arsignal

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The arsignal utility forces an AR System server to load or reload information. The process can be run on any computer. The arsignald.log file located in the <ARSystem_Install_directory>\ARSystem\Arserver\Db\ folder collects the log of this utility.

(Windows) The arsignal.exe file is present in the <ARSystem_Install_directory>\ARSystem\ folder.


arsignal {-a | -b | -c | -d | -e | -g | -l | -m | -p | -r | -u}

The server name identifies the server that is to reload information. If a TCP port is to be specified as well (needed if the server does not register with AR System Portmapper), it is appended to the server name, separated by a colon. The string sigArgument is applicable when using the -d, -p, or -u options.

To run the utility in Windows, run command prompt from the folder where arsignal.exe is present. The following image shows an example of running the arsignal utility in Windows:


You can specify one of the following options:

-bCauses the server to recache and reload archive definitions.
-cCauses the server to reload information from its ar.cfg (ar.conf) file.
-dCauses the server to transfer the signal to a DSO process.
-eCauses the server to recache and reload escalation definitions. 
-gCauses the server to reload group and data dictionary information from the database.
-lCauses the server to reload license information.
-mCauses the server to reload computed group information. 
-pCauses the server to transfer the signal to an application process.

Causes the server to recache definitions from the database.


The -r option triggers JMS signaling. As a result, recache is performed on all servers in the server group.

-u Causes the server to reload user information.


Prints the server version information.

The following image shows an example of running the arsignal utility in Windows to print the server version information:

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